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Augmentative and Alternative Communication

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Augmentative and Alternative Communication or AAC is any device or method that improves and individual's ability to communicate effectively. While AAC frequently refers to communication systems such as communication boards, voice output communication aids, or sign language, it also includes much more simplistic forms of communication such as gestures, facial expressions, and non-speech vocalizations.

What is the purpose of AAC?

The purpose of AAC is to improve quality of life by providing an individual with a successful way of communicating their wants and needs, providing and receiving information, controlling the environment, and participating in social interactions.

Who benefits from AAC?

Any person who has difficulty communicating within their environment will benefit from use of an AAC device or method.

What is the ideal AAC system?

There is not one solution that will work for every person. A successful AAC system depends on really getting to know the person and then developing a communication system that takes into account his or her unique needs. An AAC system is most effective when it includes more than one mode of communication. This allows the person to use the most efficient system based on the setting and persons involved. Speech is very often one of the modes used in ACC.