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Our Funding Options

Funding Options | Therapeutic Interventions


We are delighted to bill your insurance company on your behalf, but we are only in-network for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Tricare. All other insurance companies are billed as out-of-network so please check your out-of-network benefits on your plan.


We are in-network for Georgia Medicaid, Amerigroup and South Carolina Medicaid. We do not bill Wellcare.

Foundation for Therapy Options

This is a funding option if you have no coverage for therapy services. Please click on the link to go to our website, www.therapyoptions.org, to learn more about your therapy funding options.

RiteCare Clinic

We are blessed to have additional funding from the Scottish Rite, Valley of Augusta. This funding ensures that any child in need receives therapy.

Please call our clinic and speak to our office manager at 706-364-6172 if you have further questions about payor sources. We do not want funding to stand in the way of your child receiving the necessary therapy he/she needs to thrive.