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Speech Therapy

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Speech-Language Pathologists are trained in a variety of fields that involve communication and feeding/swallowing disorders.

The speech-language pathologists at Therapeutic Interventions of Georgia, Inc. are trained to work with a variety of children who have acute and/or chronic disorders from birth or thereafter.

These disorders may be the outcome of any number of genetic syndromes, cerebral vascular accidents, motor vehicle accidents, birth defects, autism, cancer, hearing loss, or any form of head injury. Many diagnoses can cause a delay in language development and/or feeding and swallowing impairments.

The areas that our Speech-Language Pathologists excel are in the areas of feeding/swallowing disorders, autism, hearing loss/cochlear implants, articulation disorders, and receptive and expressive language disorders. All of the Speech-Language Pathologists at Therapeutic Interventions of Georgia, Inc. are trained in the most recent techniques for helping your child overcome his/her disabilities.

Please read the biographies of the therapists at our agency to become more acquainted with their specialties.

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